About Me

In 2012, thanks to a challenging life event, I was given the opportunity to look deeply at my own past trauma experiences while working with what was unfolding before me. With guidance, I found myself on an alternative healing path.

Like so many, I had moved through life firmly rooted in my trauma, reacting often with anger, fear and shame – in survival mode. The stucknesses and preoccupations that held me captive were investigated in my first encounter with Rapid Resolution Therapy. In only one session, I felt the fear and the anger fall away. I found myself with more energy, more ease, a lighter burden, and began connecting more deeply with the people around me. All the attachments to my early trauma are completely gone.

In the fall of 2017 I participated in a workshop with Celeste Labadie LMFT, a Boulder therapist who features Rapid Resolution Therapy in her practice. In January of 2018 I completed the 50 hour certificate training with the founder of RRT, Dr. Jon Connelly.

I work with intention, integration and connection in order to clear away guilt, shame, regret, anxiety, frozen grief and past trauma. I’m interested in causing transformation in the deeper part of the mind in order to create energy for what’s meaningful, allowing for connection and possibility with more ease and excitement.

With humor and curiosity, this form of therapy embodies an appreciation and gratitude for the richness of life, as well as the inevitability of all its challenges, dilemmas, ironies and sorrows. What we think of as permanent – thoughts, feelings, sensations and behaviors that often appear self-defining – are actually temporary, like weather patterns on the ocean, sometimes calm, sometimes stormy, but constantly changing, shifting.

There is strength and wisdom to be mined from our challenging experiences. At some point many of us come to a crossroads where we choose to let go of what we thought SHOULD happen and live in what IS happening. In this moment, transformation begins and we can take comfort in the fact that our minds are ALWAYS updating.

I’ve had many teachers on this journey, most recently Celeste Labadie, Jon Connelly, Richard Sann, Courtney Armstrong, Joan Scheckel, as well as my family, friends and community. I’m certified in Rapid Resolution Therapy and hypnosis, trained in hypnotherapy and meditation, and have acquired life experience as a survivor of childhood trauma and a seeker of my own transformation and growth.

Inspiration has come from many sources including these daring innovators in their respective fields, my heroes – Dan Siegel, Gabor Mate, Eckhart Tolle, Brene Brown, Pema Chodron, Jeff Brown, Jeff Foster, Mary Oliver, James Joyce, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Bessel van der Kolk, Harry Balmer, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jan Foster, Margaret Rauenhorst, Sylvia Boorstein, Kurt Vonnegut, Federico Fellini, Jeffrey Lebowski and many others.

Josh Liveright