I sought RRT treatment for relationship trauma – a break in relationship with family members that occurred more than 10 years ago, yet left me overwrought with emotion after almost every encounter with my family since then. Two weeks after RRT treatment with Josh, I noticed that extreme emotions, ruminations and physiological reactions to these interactions no longer existed. I had distance and perspective and could access the rational part of my brain when triggered in these relationships. Josh could intuit the specific language and techniques needed to help me make the shift from an endless loop of uncontrollable reactions to freedom and self-control.


Josh Liveright addresses issues with warmth, humor and great compassion. I am resistant by nature but found his creative visualizations practical and easy to assimilate into my every day life. I have spent years on the therapeutic merry go round, but after only one session, I felt Josh had widened my iris about the possibility of substantial, and sustainable changes in my thinking. His unique approach encouraged me to trust that my brain is in fact working correctly, and that I don’t have to re-live trauma to clear it.  To say I highly recommend Josh is an understatement. He has the ability to elicit transformative, dare I say, miraculous results quickly in a safe and comfortable environment.


Talking with him about personal difficulties, Josh has a rare capacity for listening with singular care and patience. Clearly with empathy he poses questions and gathers broad descriptions of one’s personal experience, distills elements of those stories, and re-presents them with a positive perspective.


Just one session of RRT has given me such new perspective! It feels as if what I used to get hung up on, just dissolved. Josh is authentic and honest and you can feel his deep desire to help you heal. Although it was tough stuff we tackled, I felt comforted along the journey.


I worked with Josh for a few sessions to uncover and resolve several traumatic experiences I had dealt with in my life. Despite being all the way in South Africa, he worked with me on video chat to help me overcome these difficult experiences and learn to handle my anxiety more effectively. I was having frequent panic attacks and struggled to handle day-to-day activities because it seemed my brain was stuck in a fight-or-flight responses that I didn’t know how to handle. Josh taught me how to unlearn these responses, and his gentle approach to trauma resolution meant that I could move on without having to re-live the painful memories or have long-winded conversations about difficult times as I’ve experienced in other therapy approaches. His humour, friendliness, and warm manner also made it easy to get into the sessions and talk openly without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. I highly recommend RRT with Josh to anyone who’s had trauma they feel they need to recover from, or anyone who wants to make more of their life and feels ‘stuck.


Josh Liveright is doing great work with RRT. He is insightful, compassionate and able to clearly focus into what is needing to be healed. I have recommended him to both friends and clients. I’ve had some situations where I experienced patterns of historical upset getting in my way over and over again. Josh helped me to quickly resolve the source of those nagging thoughts and they went away.  Another time I was re-triggered by an old relationship pattern within my family and with Josh’s help that also was swiftly resolved.


After meeting with Josh my life changed for the better. I was in a very dark place and could not get out of the hole I was in. With his kind and wise and loving knowledge, Josh lifted and lightened my soul and brought me back to happiness and peace. I am forever grateful to him.


I had the joy of working with Josh on two separate occasions. His ability to listen for what I was really communicating was astounding. Quickly we were able to get into the work and update my mind to the present moment. Josh’s creative background, craft in the arts, and his own healing, comes together to support the RRT process unlike anything I have experienced in other therapy practices. Since working with Josh, I have been able to clearly communicate my truth and express myself more freely. I even started taking singing lessons! I reclaimed my voice! Thank you, Josh and this practice of RRT.